A digital security programme
for self-employed small business owners
Do you wish passwords were easier to manage?
Would you like to know how hackers get into your accounts? Is your mobile phone secure?

Would you like to learn:

  • How the criminals get hold of your account details
  • How to use long unique passwords that are difficult to crack but easy to manage
  • Good habits that will keep your business safer
  • How to find and close off 'open doors'
  • How to secure your devices

How about getting these done?

  • Implementing good security practices
  • Secure the most critical accounts first
  • Keep security convenient so you can work efficiently
  • Filled in record keeping worksheets
  • A disaster plan so you know what to do and how to react

Once complete, you will have the essential digital security measures and an action plan for future scenarios. This programme will give you confidence in your IT and a level of resilience that will enable you to focus on your core business.

Digital Security training; supported learning and self-study

Programme Options

There are two ways to take part in this digital security training; live learning and self-study

Self Study
A single payment of
£120 (incl VAT)
Start any time
Immediate access
  • Pre-recorded videos take you through each step
  • Includes workbooks and guides
  • Option to upgrade to the supported program
    (24 hours advance of public sale)
Live learning
A single payment of
£390 (incl VAT)
Programme opens throughout the year
Join the wait list
  • Course delivered live via video (with replays available)
  • Two hours a week for four weeks
  • Includes workbooks and guides
  • Private Facebook community (for the course duration)
  • Small groups, 30 spaces available

  • The programme covers
  • - The role people play in digital security.
  • - How to minimise phishing risks
  • - Your passwords; they can be secure and convenient (yes, that is possible!)
  • - Together we audit your tech so you know what you have, and what needs to be secured
  • - We plan for a cyber incident; what to do, what you need prepared
  • - We learn the warning signs that an intruder is in your systems

How do I enroll?

Great! I am glad you are joining us.

  • Click 'Buy Now' and complete the checkout
  • Your course details will arrive by email
  • If you have any queries, please email [email protected]

Feel more accountable and get it done with Live learning!

Offering live digital security lessons and weekly Q&A sessions, my live learning digital security course is the one for you if you prefer working in a group and being held accountable.
Each cohort is limited to 30 participants.
To join the waitlist,
click here.

The self-study programme is available all year round

My self-study programme provides pre-recorded digital security lessons and worksheets.
It is easy to follow and concise.
You’ll have the option to upgrade to the supported course when the doors open – I’ll give you 24 hours of early access before the public sale.

More details about our Digital Security training; supported learning and self-study

Frequently Asked Questions

The digital security course content will be available to you for at least 1 year from your date of purchase.

Yes, I do – details of my one-to-one security training can be found on my Digital Services website https://staffordweb.uk/digital-security/.

If you have any further questions, please ask them. You can email us at [email protected]

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