Penny Gamble lead coach for Secure Digital

To be reading this page, you are likely to be a small business. You may make our food, supply services, sell goods, or provide the expertise that benefits our businesses and lives.

As a freelancer, I have served businesses like yours for twenty years, managing websites and consulting on all things related to digital business. One concern that I keep coming back to is digital security. I believe small businesses need more support and confidence in this area, which has led me to develop this course.

To introduce myself, hello, I’m Penny. I’m in my forties, putting me in the generation that remembers life before technology. We’ve seen the internet take hold and felt the struggle to keep up with the rapid evolution. Despite being interested in and working with technology, I’ve also found it challenging sometimes, so I understand.

I am the lead coach for Secure Digital. I keep up-to-date with digital developments and translate them into actionable learning for self employed businesses.

Away from the lure of the screen, my life revolves around my family and pets. I love the British coastline and being outdoors – all the simple things.

Secure Digital is a trading name of Stafford Web Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales, company number 05734021.

Mission Statement: To inspire and support freelance business owners to improve their business security.
The threat level is high; cybercriminals know micro businesses don’t have their security ducks in a row, making them active targets.
I believe self-employed business owners have unique needs regarding cyber security. They are likely non-technical and untrained, yet 100% in charge of their own IT; the decisions and actions are theirs alone.
I set out to support freelance business owners by providing bite-sized training on business security and a process to follow that helps to get the job done.
The desired outcome for the business owner is better-managed digital assets and increased knowledge. This outcome reduces the probability and impact of cybercrime on their livelihoods.

7 things to do before a cyber attack

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