Cybercriminals leave a scene of destruction in their wake

Cybercriminals leave a scene of destruction in their wake
  • Business outages
  • Loss of vital data
  • Reputation damage
  • Data stolen
  • Money stolen
  • Escalating situations

And yes, they do target small businesses. You are just data to them, it isn’t personal. They target charities, schools and hospitals too – they have no conscience.

Cybercriminals are professionals in their own field; they know where to look and how to get in. With this not being your area of expertise, you are likely making it too easy for them.

  • 8 character password’s take 5 seconds to crack
  • It only takes one open door for them to get in
  • A data breach at another firm exposing your credentials

Security Audit for your Social Accounts 

Security Audit for your Social Accounts

Unauthorised access to your social media accounts can have far-reaching consequences. However, we can reduce the chances of this happening by undertaking a security review.

Step 1

Make sure your own social media accounts have the following

  • A long password, at least 20 characters
  • The password is unique, meaning that is not used elsewhere
  • That you have enabled 2FA

This worksheet will help you tick off your progress.

I also recommend that you check the security advice of each platform to make sure you are maximising your security.

Step 2

If relevant, review the accounts you manage for other people/businesses and make sure they also hold this security standard.

Then make sure that any other users of these accounts meet these requirements.

If it feels like a big undertaking to work through all of your accounts, break it down into smaller tasks and be sure to recognise your progress as you work through it.

7 things to do before a cyber attack

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