Are car mechanics reliant on digital security?

Car mechanic?

There’s a digital aspect to all businesses nowadays. A car mechanic can’t fix a car without access to their email, customer records, purchasing accounts, and online access to the manufacturer’s software. There is potentially much more too, but I’m not a mechanic! (Feel free to educate me)

Just one link in this digital chain needs to be compromised for their workday to be spannered.

Yet geeking out on computer security may not be their top priority.

For this reason, I provide online training for small business owners so they can learn about Digital Security. In fact, I suggest one hour a day, for five days, is all the time you need to complete the course AND do the work to secure your IT.

The course teaches you how to do digital security and guides you to do the work as we work through the topics.

Defend your business from digital threats – to find out more follow the link:

Your business’s digital services are protected by your decisions.

Your business’s digital services are protected by your decisions

Let’s take the following scenario:
Your business gets 80% of its trade from Instagram.

Your security decisions relating to Instagram are:
💭  the password you set
💭  whether or not you activate 2FA
💭  who you give access to
💭  who you previously granted access to
💭  if you updated your web browser when it notified you
💭  whether you follow the link when you receive an urgent message that your account is in jeopardy
💭  if you oblige when your friend asks you to send her a screenshot of a URL that she is about to send you

All of these decisions are in your control.

Secure Digital offers an online course that trains you to make informed security decisions – find out more at: How to do Digital Security in your Small Business

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The average cost of a security breach in a small business is £11,000

The average cost of a security breach in a small business is £11,000

This is the cost of
💰     investigating a cybercrime,
💰     recovering data lost in a security breach
💰     the restoration of computer systems
💰     loss of income incurred by a business shutdown
💰     reputation management
💰     extortion payments demanded by hackers
💰     the cost of notifying third parties affected

If you’re a small business owner managing the workload generated by a security breach is hard enough, let alone financing it.

⏩ Small business owners need to get super savvy on all things digital security.

The time to do the work is now; face your fear and put the time in to learn the foundations of digital security. With this knowledge in place, you may be able to prevent an incident, if not, you’ll know how to prepare.

Find out more: How to do digital security in your small business

How long does it take? To take the course AND do the work, I recommend an hour a day for one week.

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Managing your Passwords

Managing your Passwords

We all have so many online accounts these days and each and everyone is important.

My focus today is that I would like to press on you the importance of making a deliberate choice on how you are going to manage your passwords.

A deliberate choice that takes security and convenience into account.

For example

  • Browsers are not secure enough*
  • Spreadsheets or notes on your phone are neither secure or convenience
  • Anything paper based is not convenient

The reasonable choices you have are to use your operating system, or dedicated password management software. Microsoft, google and apple offer password management solutions. We ought to remember that password management isn’t their core business, but it is a reasonable solution if you are using these chosen brands throughout your devices.

My preference is password management software because it offers the highest level – of all the options – of security and convenience and it can be used across all brands of device.

The software you use needs the BEST ever password and security settings.

Whichever solution you chose it can only be as effective as the password you use to protect it. For example, if you are going to use Google’s password service you need to prioritise the security of your Google account as it needs to be as strong as it can be.

If not already, the password needs to be very long and unique to that account. All other security measures, such as 2FA need to be in place too.

Take a look at the advice your service provider gives on account security and make sure you are doing everything they recommend.

All eggs in one basket?

Yes, but it is a secure basket and is considerably more secure than the alternative solutions.

The best part

Once you have made your deliberate choice for your password management, as well as being more secure, you are going to feel so very organised!

A password management solution will enable you to have a unique and long password for every service you use – which just isn’t practical without software to manage them.

I urge you to get started – one step at a time, have a plan and work on it.

You’re welcome to ask me if you have any questions. You can reach out on social media or email me at [email protected]

I have included some links to useful resources below.

👩🏻‍💻 Penny

* Browser security is a subject for another day, but just to expand on my point above, Malware can extract passwords, session ID’s & Cookies out of browsers, especially if they are not kept up-to-date.


Password Manager with good reputation for working across devices:

Free password manager:

Another popular choice:


Apple Keychain:

Please do your own research too.

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