If Love Actually was made in 2023…

If Love Actually was made in 2023…

I took part in a Love Actually quiz last night, so a few days ago, I sat down to watch the film with my trusty notebook, looking for quiz-worthy moments.

While my heart, once again, broke for Karen after Bad Harry brought the his secretary that necklace, I was struck by how low-tech the world was back in 2003. VHS Cassettes, Square boxy TVs, and not a smartphone in sight.

For example, Mark stood on Juliet’s doorstep to convey his message and used giant handwritten cards and music on a portable CD, FM and Tape player. Like an analogue reel?

The romance of Jamie and Aurelia’s speaking in their native languages; now they’d be translated by Google – with a computerised voice cutting through those lingering moments.

The lake scene where they dive in to save the typewritten pages of Jamie’s book would now be obsolete through the uptake of ‘the cloud’.

The fission of office romances would have to navigate staff working from home via Microsoft Teams and the company WhatsApp groups today.

Digital security would play a starring role, as it does for everything today.

What if we could go back to those days almost twenty years ago?

If we did, we would find a simple world where burglars must physically get into our brick-and-mortar premises to steal our possessions. Instead, in 2003 our crime threats were local, and our front doors were our first line of defence.

Just like our everyday interactions, this has changed over the last twenty years. Today our valuables can be accessed anywhere in the world – often with just a password. As a result, we face a global threat of crime.

Cybercriminals know that small businesses are unprepared; if you fall into this demographic, you are currently their low-hanging fruit.

Today’s equivalent of locking our office doors is to have unique passwords, two-factor authentication and good tech hygiene.  

Small business owners are vulnerable, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

I am excited to be running a new series of security workshops in the new year exclusively for my email subscribers. The workshops will cater for the needs of the self-employed and provide lots of helpful advice to secure your business. Add your details to the form below, and you’ll be amongst the first to be invited.

Merry Christmas x

Digital security is boring

Boring it may be as small business owners you still need to make the time to secure your digital tools.

I’m here to help you optimise that time so you efficiently work through a programme of steps to improve the security of your business.

I will help you understand how to

  • spot phishing
  • manage excellent passwords
  • keep your business tech safe
  • be prepared and plan for an incident
  • spot if an incident is taking place

As a first step, start by getting a copy of my checklist to see how well you are already doing. To receive a copy directly to your mailbox fill in the form below. 

P.S.. for the record, I don’t think security is boring and I’m happy to share my enthusiasm with you!

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