Are car mechanics reliant on digital security?

Published: 12th July 2022
Car mechanic?

There’s a digital aspect to all businesses nowadays. A car mechanic can’t fix a car without access to their email, customer records, purchasing accounts, and online access to the manufacturer’s software. There is potentially much more too, but I’m not a mechanic! (Feel free to educate me)

Just one link in this digital chain needs to be compromised for their workday to be spannered.

Yet geeking out on computer security may not be their top priority.

For this reason, I provide online training for small business owners so they can learn about Digital Security. In fact, I suggest one hour a day, for five days, is all the time you need to complete the course AND do the work to secure your IT.

The course teaches you how to do digital security and guides you to do the work as we work through the topics.

Defend your business from digital threats – to find out more follow the link:

7 things to do before a cyber attack

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