The average cost of a security breach in a small business is £11,000

Published: 11th July 2022
The average cost of a security breach in a small business is £11,000

This is the cost of
💰     investigating a cybercrime,
💰     recovering data lost in a security breach
💰     the restoration of computer systems
💰     loss of income incurred by a business shutdown
💰     reputation management
💰     extortion payments demanded by hackers
💰     the cost of notifying third parties affected

If you’re a small business owner managing the workload generated by a security breach is hard enough, let alone financing it.

⏩ Small business owners need to get super savvy on all things digital security.

The time to do the work is now; face your fear and put the time in to learn the foundations of digital security. With this knowledge in place, you may be able to prevent an incident, if not, you’ll know how to prepare.

Find out more: How to do digital security in your small business

How long does it take? To take the course AND do the work, I recommend an hour a day for one week.

👩🏻‍💻 Penny

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