Your business’s digital services are protected by your decisions.

Published: 11th July 2022
Your business’s digital services are protected by your decisions

Let’s take the following scenario:
Your business gets 80% of its trade from Instagram.

Your security decisions relating to Instagram are:
💭  the password you set
💭  whether or not you activate 2FA
💭  who you give access to
💭  who you previously granted access to
💭  if you updated your web browser when it notified you
💭  whether you follow the link when you receive an urgent message that your account is in jeopardy
💭  if you oblige when your friend asks you to send her a screenshot of a URL that she is about to send you

All of these decisions are in your control.

Confident Digital offers an online course that trains you to make informed security decisions – find out more at: How to do Digital Security in your Small Business

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